By electrical system we mean the set of electrical components having electrical characteristics coordinated with each other, made in order to satisfy a specific purpose (electric power supply of an apartment, an industrial complex, a machine tool, etc.).

Following the path that electricity takes from the power plant (manager) to our home (user), we find different elements, including:

The meter, a box normally white in color that has the purpose of accounting for the consumption made in order to define the amount of expense to be charged. Its display provides different information that can be read in real time by the user.

The circuit breaker, a safety device capable of interrupting the electric flow in a circuit in case of accidental contact with live parts or malfunction (short circuit or overcurrent).

The tubes are usually found under the floor or alternatively recessed in the walls. Through them, electricity reaches every point of the house discreetly and invisibly, creating what is called an electrical system.

The electrical cables are windings of metallic wires (conductor) normally made of copper (an excellent compromise between cost and electrical conductivity) inside colored rubber sheaths (insulator). Located inside corrugated tubes, they allow electricity to reach every desired point in the house.

The light point is the wall device that allows turning on and off lights. In reality, the light point is every point where current is usable (the electrical outlet, the switch, the junction box, the lamp on the ceiling).

The regulations governing the construction and installation of a domestic electrical system are strict and therefore DIY is prohibited: installation can only be carried out by specialized companies regularly registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

At the end of the work, the executing company is required to issue the “Declaration of conformity (DICO)” of the work carried out to certify that the circuit is in compliance.

In case the DICO is not available for various reasons, it is possible to replace this document with the declaration of compliance (DIRI) where the systems were built before the entry into force of ministerial decree 37 of 2008.





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